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Lucrative Apartments under the Kráľova hoľa

Apartments under the Kráľova hoľa

Apartments under the Kráľova hoľa

Investment Company PLP invest group s.r.o. offers for sale lucrative 3-room apartments under the Kráľova hoľa peak right in the heart of the Horehron Mountains.

Are you looking for a suitable investment and you are tired of the busy city life? But you still want to feel like at home? We have a great offer for you. A combination of beautiful nature and relaxation with superior accommodation facilities in the picturesque village of Telgárt.

We offer you 3-room apartments at the lowest prices in this region. The high standard of these apartments will provide you and your friends a comfortable rest. A lot of tourist activities in the area will clean your mind and also will start your regular days with positive energy.

The high standard of our apartments contributes you to the feel comfortable and safe while living there. We have designed some practical solutions for the layout of the apartments and furnished them with modern equipment that gives you the feeling of living like at home.

The operating costs are regulated by every owner himself using thermostats in each apartment. You can set the thermostat according to your needs and in case you will not use the apartment permanently, you can turn the settings for low cost space heating on. Hot water is provided by boilers, which are located in the apartments separately. You can control and adjust their service. High-quality internet connection will provide you with an immediate opportunity to share your experiences with your loved ones. You will be protected by security doors, security cameras at the entrance to the building, as well as with outdoor cameras with the possibility of online monitoring.

Standard apartment for sale consists of:

  • Walls and ceilings scraped plaster white.
  • Wooden door frames - security doors, window and balcony doors will be plastic with classic double glass.
  • Two separate rooms, walk-through the main bathroom.
  • Living room will be connected with the dining room.
  • Floors will be laminated, in the entrance hall and in the kitchen will be tiles.
  • Washing machine will be part of the equipment of every apartment.
  • There will be two bathrooms, one smaller with a toilet and a shower, second, main bathroom, with corner bath and a toilet.
  • Rooms will be equipped with a built-in furniture. One room with double bed and slats with mattresses, also with single bed with storage, slats and mattresses, there will be dresser for storing your personal belongings. Another room will be furnished with a double bed with grids and mattresses and a chest of drawers and a built-in safe.
  • Living room will be connected to the dining room, there will be a comfortable corner sofa (eco leather), TV set, coffee table and an electric fireplace in the living room. The dining room will be furnished with a majestic dining table and chairs.
  • Kitchen unit will be equipped with built-in appliances brand Whirlpool – the dishwasher, electric oven, microwave, electric cooker, fridge.
Right now we are building a superior
Apartments under the Kráľova hoľa: Wellness
Apartments under the Kráľova hoľa: Wellness
Apartments under the Kráľova hoľa: Wellness
Apartments under the Kráľova hoľa: Wellness
Apartments under the Kráľova hoľa: Wellness
Apartments under the Kráľova hoľa: Wellness
Apartments under the Kráľova hoľa: Wellness
area in the apartment house, where a top quality whirlpool for 7 people will be located. This bath will offer you everything you can expect from such premium spa. You can enjoy royal massages, aromatherapy or chromotherapy, you can relax in the relaxation chairs in a special relaxation room, where you can find a very pleasant atmosphere. At the end you will be able to warm up in our infra or steam sauna. We are planning to provide you this undisturbed rest in December 2019. This additional service will surely attract a lot of tourists, which will be happy to return often.

This area offers many hiking trails. The surrounding is enclosed by forests, meadows and pure nature. There are great walking and cycling tours to Kráľova hoľa, Red Rock. During the cold months you can spend some time in the near winter resort with the ski possibilities for beginners as well as for better skiers. If you are planning an investment that will delight you or if you are looking for an interesting property for your further rental, these wonderful apartments are definitely the best choice for you or for your guests.

  • The price includes also a separate garage.

The village of Telgárt is situated directly under the Kráľova hoľa peak. There are many hiking trails and cycling paths. This area is famous thanks to the unique Telgárt loop, which is connected to another landmark, the Khmaroš Viaduct, known as the bridge similar to that from the Harry Potter movie. Through the winter months you can actively relax in the ski resort with a lot of ski lifts and tracks. There is a complete civic amenity in the village and the development of this beautiful community is still moving forward.

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